Curb Appeal for the Fall Season

When the leaves begin to gather in our yard and the temperature falls, we tend to retreat to the comfort of the inside of our homes while forgettingabout the exterior of our homes. Whether you are trying to sell your home in the near future or plan to happily reside there for years to come, curb appeal is important during every season. Who says you can’t have a yard to proud of during the fall and winter months? With these simple tips, your home will be the most inviting one on the block:

– Paint the place. Did the smoldering summer heat take a toll on your home’s exterior? Give your home a new look with a paint job. A simple fresh coat of paint does wonders to your home’s exterior. Not to mention, it will protect your home from winter’s harsh elements. You can also paint your front door a warm fall tone, such as red or brown to create an inviting look that will impress your guests.

– Lend time to your lawn. The end of summer does not mean the end of caring for your lawn. With fall’s cooler temperatures, now is the ideal time to give your lawn some TLC before winter arrives. Set aside some time to cut the grass one last time, fill in the bald patches in your yard and get the weeds under control. If you really want to go the extra mile and prepare for spring, you can also aerate your lawn and fertilize it for future growth. Last but certainly not least, rake the leaves. While this task is no fall favorite, it needs to be done regularly to keep your lawn looking nice. Don’t wait until your trees have lost all of their leaves to break out the rake, as the leaves will then become wet and grow mold that could infect your entire lawn.

– Gut your gutters. During fall, your gutters become filled with leaves and pine needles. It is important to check your gutters regularly to see if they need to be cleaned out. If you wait too long to clean them, this can result in water overflow and costly damages to your home. If you are not comfortable with climbing a ladder to clean them, there are a variety of companies that will do this for you at a fairly affordable price.

– Create some color. Even though the flowers are gone and your yard is no longer bright and green, that doesn’t mean your home’s exterior has to suffer. Purple and green shrubs can add a much needed pop of color to your yard. Also, a wreath of fall foliage can add some character to your front porch. You can even add mulch, pine bark or rocks to warm up your landscaping.

Following these simple steps will allow you to be proud of your home and its presence year round. Are you looking to use these curb appeal tips to sell your home? Let our team of agents help! Call us today at 618-659- 5565.