Getting Organized for Your Move

The “For Sale” sign in your yard has been replaced with a “SOLD” sign. It is really happening, and moving day is quickly approaching. You thought saying goodbye to your home was hard enough, not to mention the stressful task of packing up and moving your entire family’s belongings! Do not fret. With these tips, you can plan an organized move and begin this exciting new chapter of your life with ease.

Set aside time to go through every room of your house and decide what items you would like to keep and what ones you would like to get rid of. Have your husband sort through his “man cave” and the kids sort through their rooms. Now is the time to declutter and ensure you aren’t bringing unwanted things into your new place.  For the items that don’t make the cut for the move, box them up and donate them to your good will or other local charity.

Now that you have narrowed down your inventory to only the items that you wish to take with you, you have a better idea of how many boxes you need. You can now order the boxes and other moving supplies, such as bubble wrap, packing tape and permanent markers. Once your supplies have arrived, you can begin packing. You should begin the packing process with the things that you use most infrequently. Also, you want to separate your valuable and personal items, such as jewelry or confidential files, into a labeled box that you can personally move into your new home. As you pack each box, label and number the box with the room it is destined for in the new place, and then log these boxes in a notebook or binder. This will allow you to keep an inventory of your items, as well as make the process of unpacking easier.

During the packing process, you should start using up the items that you do not want to take with you come moving day, such as frozen foods, toiletries or cleaning supplies. Before planning to load your massive dining room table or U-shaped sofa into the moving truck, measure the room dimensions of your new home to ensure that these larger pieces will fit through the door. Once your furniture and other items have been squared away to move, finish up your general packing a couple of days prior to your moving date. Lastly, have each family member pack a suitcase or duffel bag with clothes, a toothbrush, etc.

While the process of packing up your home’s belongings can seem like a daunting process, it can be done. Remember, this is just merely part of the process that will bring you into your dream home! You’ve got this.