Increase Your Home Value With Ease

Increasing home value requires an investment in finances and time regardless of the scale or scope of the project. Fortunately, this does not have to be a major or significant investment. There are a number of simple and easy changes that can increase your property value as you prepare to sell your home. Follow these simple tips to walk away from your home with more money in your pocket.

Paint Everything

A fresh coat of paint helps refresh your home and is highly enticing to buyers. These colors should be neutral, trendy and inviting. Now is the time to get rid of the hot pink walls, outdated wallpaper and the walls your kids covered in posters. Refresh all of these walls with neutral colors. This will ensure buyers do not walk through the home distracted by all of the painting they will have to do if they select your home.

Replace Hardware

We all know the 1970’s cabinet handles, drawer pulls and door knobs that are likely still functional but are not doing anything for the value of your home. They are actually taking away from the value of your home because they immediately label your home as old and dated in the mind of a buyer. A simple switch to new, modern hardware will ensure the home feels much newer in the mind of the buyer. Again, this is one less project the buyer will think about as they tour your home.

Clean, Plain & Simple

No, seriously. While this sounds like an unnecessary tip, it is surprising to see how often effective cleaning does not take place when owners attempt to sell their homes. Deep clean your home from top to bottom before listing. Even the cleanest people miss spots sometimes, and sellers have no idea which nooks and crannies buyers may look in when viewing a home. If you don’t want the hassle of cleaning, hire a service to deep clean the house for you. This is a worthwhile investment and can be very affordable and rewarding.

Look at the Lighting

Similar to the outdated hardware, the brass-adorned ceiling lights in your home tell buyers a story about your home. This is not a good story. Change that story into a positive one with new, modern lighting. New lighting throughout the home will brighten up the space and modernize it as well. Say goodbye to the fake brass finish that has been adorning your home for generations, and say hello to more money when the home sells.

Lush Lawn

The lawn is one of the first impressions buyers get for a home they are considering purchasing, make sure it is a good one. Buyers do not want to see bare patches or a lawn that is about as thin as the few hairs left on Uncle Henry’s head. Now is the time to water, fertilize and mow perfectly executed patterns into the yard. If your home improvement center’s fertilizer is not effective, it is worthwhile to call a professional to treat your yard and get it looking fantastic in no time.

The key to increasing property value is decreasing the number of projects potential buyers will have to do soon after moving into the space. Walk through your home as you would walk through a home you are considering purchasing. What projects would immediately jump out at you? What would distract you from the rest of your home? Those are the projects that should be done immediately. Ready to find your next dream home? Give us a call 618-659-5565.