Stay Organized this School Year

The madness of the school year has officially begun. For many, this also brings feelings of stress and disorganization. This doesn’t have to be the case. With just a few simple daily changes, your home will stay organized throughout the school year. This also provides the perfect opportunity to teach the kids their role in keeping their home clean as well as accountability and responsibility.

Make the Most of the Mudroom

Over the years, the mudroom can become a disorganized mess filled to the brim with old clothes and shoes sprinkled with an assortment of sports equipment that no one in the family wants to claim as their own. Sound familiar? Start the school year on the right foot by cleaning out the clutter and making the mudroom into a functional space for the family to store school bags, lunch boxes, jackets, shoes and sports equipment. Give each member of the family a designated space. Soon, the mud room will no longer be a mess and turn into the epicenter of the family.

Routine Route Routine

The beauty of the school year is that it provides a great deal of structure and routine. Keep that structure and routine going after the final bell ring, bus stop or whistle. Get the kids in a routine of working on homework at a set time, eating dinner at a regular hour and shutting down for bedtime at the same time each night. In-between, get the kids in the routine of putting their things away and keeping their areas clean. Make it a standard that they share any upcoming bake sales or science projects with you far in advance. This will save the emergency 10:30 p.m. trip to the grocery store to buy Double Stuf Oreos the night prior to the classroom Halloween party. Keep the routine standard and it will run like clockwork within a few short weeks. However, we understand that no one is perfect. Things happen, and schedules get hectic. It is still possible to stay organized and stress-free without a concrete schedule. Just roll with the punches and keep pushing to stay as close to the routine as possible.

Get the Kids Involved

You do not deserve to constantly pick up after your kids. They should play a role in helping keep the house in line and organized. Teaching them this important lesson at a young age not only helps make your life easier, but it also teaches them how to be accountable and responsible for their own actions. If they do not clean out their lunch box and it is not filled properly the next day, they will learn from the consequences. If they forget to get their report card signed, they will quickly learn to stay more organized and aware of their deadlines. If they cannot find their jacket or bookbag because they did not hang it up, they will learn to put them in their proper places. Although they many not enjoy these lessons in the moment, they will thank you later.

By staying organized, this will be the best school year yet for both your children and yourself. We hope everyone finds success and stays organized in the new school year!